What Do Birds Need?  INSECTS!

Mothers Day Weekend Wildflower Walk
Why Mama Birds Like Insects Activity Stations
Saturday, May 11
9:00–11:00 a.m. Turner Tract
Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge
N541 County Highway H
Genoa City, Wisconsin (see map below)

Come out to this FREE event to view some amazing wildflowers, including trillium, trout lily and toothwort.  There will also be activity stations for kids. 

Insects are essential sources of energy for many bird species, not only during the breeding seasons but also during their extensive journeys. Insect availability greatly affects the timing, duration, and overall success of bird migrations. Along their migration routes, birds actively seek out insects in fields, forests, wetlands, and various other habitats such as parks and even your gardens and backyards as stopovers. The timing of bird migration often coincides with peak insect abundance at stopover locations, supplying nourishment for birds to replenish their energy reserves before continuing their journeys. View more information on the World Migratory Bird Day website

Saturday, April 27, 2024
12:00 Noon – 4 PM
Lost Valley Visitor Center, Glacial Park
Route 31 & Harts Rd.
Richmond, IL

Sunday, April 28, 2024
12 Noon – 4 PM
Volo Bog State Natural Area
28478 W Brandenburg Rd
Ingleside, IL

Bird & Insect Activity Stations & Passports
Saturday, April 27
Noon–4:00 PM

Lost Valley Visitor Center, Glacial Park
Get your passport stamped as you participate in over 20 games and activities! More stamps = more prizes, including our ever-popular Audubon plush bird that sings its song when squeezed! Door prizes include binoculars, photo prints and more.

Off Site Activities:
Bird & Insect Activity Stations & Passports
Sunday, April 28
Noon–4:00 PM
Volo Bog State Natural Area
28478 W Brandenburg Rd, Ingleside, IL

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