Richmond-Burton and Alden-Hebron high schools’ students Reese, Alexis, Landon and Crysta cleared a small savanna of invasive brush on a beautiful day in December 2022. photo: Pete Jackson
During 2022, six volunteer stewardship events were held at Tamarack West, beginning October 2nd, when nine volunteers, including five students from Richmond-Burton Community High School, cleared a large opening in one of three oak groves to be restored under this grant. Over the course of 2022, we tallied the following metrics and finished up the clean-up of one of the savannas.
# stewardship events: 6 (not counting several smaller workdays)
# volunteers: 63
# volunteer hours: 191.5
# high school student volunteers: 14 
# Latino volunteers: 3 (Part of our Nicor grant funding supports outreach to local high schools and the Latino community.)

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