Sunday, October 10, 2021
7 AM – 5 PM, Activities throughout the day
Back Patio at Lost Valley Visitor Center
Glacial Park
6705 State Rte. 31
Ringwood, IL

The concept is simplicity itself: find a good place for bird watching and count all the bird species you see or hear. The Big Sit is an international birdwatching event when folks around the world tally the different birds they identify throughout the day. Forty-three species of birds were counted at McHenry County’s Big Sit event in 2020.

Adults and children are invited to join in the fun for as little or long as they like anytime on Sunday, October 10 from 7 am til 5 pm. The Big Sit will be located on the back patio behind the Lost Valley Visitor Center. Take Harts Rd west off of Rt. 31 between Ringwood and Richmond, IL and follow the signs to the Lost Valley Visitor Center.

People are invited to bring a lawn chair and their own mask, binoculars, drinking water, hot drink and snacks. This is an outside event so please come dressed for the weather. We will practice proper social distancing by staying a bald eagle’s wingspan (6 ft) away from one another and wearing masks. Experienced birders will share views through spotting scopes.

Results from The Big Sit Circle HackmatackNWR4Birds for years 2014-2020 found

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