Stewardship Work Days

Anyone wishing to participate must RSVP to Stewardship Coordinator Pete Jackson. Pete will send you directions and specific instructions for the day.

Email: Pete Jackson, Stewardship Coordinator
Call with Questions:  224-612-1803

Please note:  Any last minute changes due to weather, etc. will not be posted here.  Make sure that you are on Pete’s phone or email list to get the most up to date changes.


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Work Site Notes/Directions

Chainsaw Information

Hope to see you out there!

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Upcoming Work Days:


Sunday, June 9, 2024
9:00 AM – Noon

Our next stewardship event is this Sunday from 9 to Noon at the Otrebla parcel owned by Openlands. Three people attended our first workday at this site recently, and though we got a lot of buckthorn cut we need more people to have a much bigger push. The goal will be to remove brush and some small trees from a small grove on the site being restored to wet prairie and sedge meadow wetland. It will be a while before our next scheduled workday, so let’s make this one a big success!

As always, please check your email before you head out to the workday; if we get rain or if conditions are too wet we will notify folks via email (no email means we are on). See Notes & Directions below.

Saturday, July 27, 2024
9:00 AM – Noon


Wear clothes and shoes that can get dirty,
Bring your own drinking water. 
Protective clothing (long pants, not leggings) recommended.
Be sure to check your email before you head out to make sure the event is on. If there is no email by  8 AM, we are on!

We’ll provide workgloves, hand tools, safety glasses and a snack.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to bring a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian.  This is a different waiver form than the one we have used at other, non-refuge sites, and it is a bit complicated, but as long as we get the signature of a parent or guardian you will be fine. (You do not need to sign, just your parent/guardian.)  Note that some parts of this form are left blank. Take particular care to ensure your parent or guardian completes sections 1-19 and 28-36:
→ contact information,
→ parental consent section
→ emergency contact section
→ parent/guardian signature  

Special Message for Chainsawyers and Others Cutting Brush: McHenry County Conservation District staff occasionally do work on Hackmatack parcels (both on and off refuge) through a memorandum of understanding with the Fish and Wildlife Service.  Often this involves the use of machines such as a skid steer that can bunch up un-burned brush left laying around in small piles.  MCCD staff has had problems with high stumps, as this interferes with the ability to drive the skid steer across the land, in fact it can give them quite a jolt.  In addition, their skid steer can not pick up short pieces of wood, i.e. less than about 6 feet in length, which fall through the arms of the skid steer.  Therefore, they have asked us to cut stumps as low as possible, and also to leave as many stems 6 feet or longer as possible.  Length is not an issue when working off refuge and when we are planning on burning our own piles.  Also, big logs cannot be easily moved when left long, so some larger pieces will have to be cut short.  Just a reminder as we want to work in a way that supports our partner, MCCD given the great work they do for us!  Thanks!

Work Site Notes & Directions:

Tamarack Core

 9613 US Route 12
Richmond, IL  60071

Google Maps:

Coordinates: 42°27’58.7″N 88°18’29.6″W

Please DO NOT try to pull in on the West side of Route 12 – there is no on-site parking.

Parking is available directly across from the Blackmon site on the east side of Route 12. Park in the Richmond Village Hall lot, 5601 Hunter Dr. The site’s entrance driveway is located on the west side of Route 12, just west of the McHenry County Conservation District’s Prairie Trail. Take care crossing busy Route 12. The entrance will be marked with a ‘Hackmatack Workday’ sign.


Queen Anne Prairie Core

3314 Route 47
Woodstock, IL  60098

Google Maps:

42.371179, -88.440046

Access is on private landowner property, on the East side of Route 47, one mile north of Charles Rd. Please park near the radio cell tower.

This site is owned by Openlands, and is not open to the public. Individuals are only allowed with approved personnel.


map-otrebla -openlands

Queen Anne Prairie Core

Greenwood Township, IL

Google Maps:

Coordinates: 42°24’30.4″N 88°26’19.3″W

Parking lot is located southwest of the intersection of Route 47 and Thayer Rd.


Queen Anne Prairie Core

Greenwood Township, IL

Google Maps:

Coordinates: 42.4068644, -88.4382569

The access to the site is via a small lane off of Route 47.  There are actually two lanes off of Route 47 at this location; turn into the lane that is furthest south.  (The north lane is private and goes into some residences.)  The turn-in lane is a bit hard to see, but look for the Hackmatack signs

The small lane into the site is located on the west side of Route 47, 4.6 miles south of Route 173 in Hebron, and 6.1 miles north of Route 120 in Woodstock.  The turn-in lane is also 0.5 miles south of Thayer Road and just south of the Hackmatack parking lot on Route 47 and the bridge. 

map - schaid savanna

Tamarack Core

6140-6164 Co Hwy 36 (Tryon Grove Rd.)
Richmond, IL 60071

Google Maps:

GPS Coordinates: 42.44844 -88.32401

From the intersection of Routes 12, 31 and Tryon Grove Road, proceed west on Tryon Grove Road for 1 mile and just past the ditch and guard rails look for a small turn-in on your right, and turn in there.  There is a small asphalt apron that leads to a grassy road between two lines of trees.  Parking is along this grassy road.  We should be able to park along both sides of this narrow lane.

This site is owned by private owners, and is not open to the public. Individuals are only allowed with approved personnel.

map - tamarack farms from Tryon Grove

Greenwood Corridor

6200-6676 Co Hwy 36 (Tryon Grove Rd.)
Richmond, IL  60071

Google Maps:

Coordinates: 42.446541, -88.328512

This site is located on the south side of Tryon Grove Road 1.2 miles west of the intersection of Routes 12 and 31 in Richmond, IL.

The entrance will be marked with a ‘Hackmatack Workday’ sign.

map - tamarack west

Tamarack Core

7008 E. Tryon Grove Rd.
Richmond, IL  60071

Google Maps:

Coordinates: 42.445496, -88.332488

This site is on the north side of Tryon Grove Road, 1.5 miles west of the intersection with Routes 12 and 31. If you are familiar with our Tamarack West site, the Tryon Grove site is across

the road and a bit further west (and on the north side of Tryon Grove Road). The entrance will be marked with a ‘Hackmatack Workday’ sign.




Goose Pond Corridor

N541 County Trunk H
Genoa City, WI  53128

Google Maps:

GPS Coordinates: 42.511475, -88.339527

This site is located northwest of  Genoa City Wisconsin, 6 minutes from Richmond, IL.

Follow U.S. Route 12 out of Richmond, and stay west as it turns into Walworth St. (do NOT take the exit to follow Route 12 to Lake Geneva).

Take Walworth St. into Genoa City and turn right (north) on Freeman St.

Follow County Highway H out of Genoa City. After the last houses on the left, watch for the small parking lot with the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge sign.

map turner tract

Friends of Hackmatack NWR

P.O. Box 413
Richmond, IL 60071


Call 262-448-3558 to listen for the latest updates on upcoming activities. If you need to reach us, please leave a message and we will return your call.

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