The farmstead land on the  Tryon Grove Parcel will be restored to natural prairie with the help of the Environmental Stewardship Initiative Grant from Nicor.

Two key workdays have really advanced this project. In October 2023 Harvard High School students took a school field trip to the Hackmatack NWR Turner site outside Genoa City, Wisconsin and collected prairie seed there for our restoration activities. (pictured below)

Harvard and Marengo students collecting seed at Turner Tract
The second event took place in November of 2023, when a USFWS training session was held for volunteer chain-sawyers at the Tryon Grove site. They cut down all the larger trees on the site as part of their training exercise, leaving only an oak and two apple trees.

brush piles on tryon grove property

Brush piles that were created on one of the initial stewardship workdays, preparing the area for the chain sawyers to come in and finish cutting the larger trees.

chainsaw training at Tryon Grove site

Friends of Hackmatack chainsawyers completed federal S212 chainsaw training which will enable them to use chainsaws on the Hackmatack refuge. 

A major bonus is that the training took place on the Tryon Grove refuge site, where many large trees had to come down as part of the restoration planned for the site. We got almost all the trees cut, including all the big ones!

Nine volunteer sawyers worked for 6 hours one day and the next day, 6 volunteer sawyers worked another 4 hours. That’s 78 hours of chain saw work!

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