Self-Guided Tour at Hackmatack NWR
July 19 – 26, 2020
Turner Tract
N541 Co. Trunk H
Genoa City, WI

In celebration of Latino Conservation Week, the Friends of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge invites Latino families (and all other individuals and families) on a self-guided tour of the first site in our new Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge, the Turner Tract in Genoa City Wisconsin, just 3.25 miles north of Richmond, Illinois. Take this self-guided tour from Sunday, July 19- Sunday, July 26.

The Turner Tract is a beautiful parcel which features mature oak woodland, restored prairies and wetlands. The self-guided tour will take you on a 0.6 mile looped trail through a very pretty woodland and along a restored tallgrass prairie. It will take around 30 minutes to complete. On your walk enjoy the sights and sounds that both habitats have to offer. Look closely for any blooming wildflowers tucked within the tall prairie grasses and stand beneath the mature red oak trees in the woodlands. There are many interesting bird species to be seen and heard. If you hear a loud drilling sound, that is the pileated woodpecker that resides in these woods, a large bird that resembles Woody Woodpecker! Feel free to explore and discover new and interesting things – just remember to leave what you find for the next person to enjoy.

If you visit, it is critically important to follow guidance from the CDC and state and local public health authorities on social distancing, avoiding overcrowding, and exercising good hygiene. If a parking lot is full when you visit, please do not stop. We understand that the outdoors can help relieve stress, but these guidelines must be followed for our public health and safety. Enjoy the hike!

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