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Community Project Funding for Illinois’ 14th District

December 23, 2022
Illinois Representative Lauren Underwood has secured $975,000 for the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge/Nippersink Creek Restoration Project.

The funding will be used to restore over 100 acres of wetlands and nearly 8,750 feet of headwater streams. The parcel is located within the Tamarack Core area, designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a priority for protection by the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. This restoration is critical so that the land can eventually be protected as part of the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. This project will address soil erosion, improve soil health, improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, reduce flood damage, and increase resilience to climate change, as well as provide recreational opportunities for the community.

This project has broad support from the local community, including the McHenry County Conservation District, McHenry-Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District, and McHenry County Department of Planning and Development, as well as local conservation organizations such as Openlands, Chicago Wilderness, McHenry County Conservation Foundation, Fox River Ecosystem Partnership, Nippersink Watershed Association, and Environmental Defenders of McHenry County.

Nicor Gas Environmental Stewardship Initiation 2022

Nicor Gas Environmental Stewardship Initiative

August, 2022
Our Friends Group was pleased to be one of 11 organizations to receive a $5000 grant from the Nicor Gas Environmental Stewardship Initiative in August 2022. We are using the funds to restore upland savannas within the footprint of a larger 165-acre parcel named Tamarack West where wetlands and headwater streams are to be restored with a federal community funding project. Tamarack West is located in Richmond Township, Illinois. It is bordered on the north by Tryon Grove Road and by the 3400+ acre Glacial Park to the south.

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Illinois Clean Energy Community Challenge Grant

March, 2020
Friends of Hackmatack NWR received a Stewardship Challenge Grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF). By fulfilling a number of requirements by November 1, 2021, Friends of Hackmatack can receive up to $27,000 from the Foundation to spend on land stewardship activities on the Tamarack SouthEast Site. The funds will be used to convert a farm field north of Richmond Burton Community High School into prairie and to plant native woodland plants, shrubs and trees in the oak woodlands. 

If you’d like to learn more about ICECF and their grant programs, please visit their website at

March 31, 2022 Update
We are pleased to report that we have successfully completed this Stewardship Challenge Grant and have provided our final report to the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation (ICECF).

Thank you, thank you to our generous donors and our incredible stewardship workday volunteers whose contributions reached our $7000 fundraising target and surpassed our 400 hours of stewardship goal!

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