Friends of Hackmatack NWR is celebrating the 10th year of our bi-state refuge, located in Walworth, WI and McHenry, IL counties.  We are hosting an Art Show in partnership with The Dole in Crystal Lake, IL.  The Art Show will be on display for our Annual Meeting on November 8, 2022.

Show Location
The Dole Mansion:  Dole Gallery Space & Sage Gallery
401 Country Club Rd.
Crystal Lake, IL

Show on Display to the Public:
November 3 – 17, 2022
The Dole is open from 9 AM – 5PM Monday – Friday.
Closed on Weekends.

Community Art Show & Artist Reception:
Friday, November 11, 2022
5 PM – 8 PM

UPDATED!  Art Pick-up:
Thursday, November 17, NOON – 5 PM
Friday, November 18, 11 AM – 5 PM

See the Prospectus for more details and information. Use the buttons below to view or download the documents.

Applications now closed; we are no longer accepting artwork.

Applications now closed; we are no longer accepting artwork.


  • Photography
  • 2-D Works: painting, collage, drawings, fabric
  • 3-D works: sculpture, glasswork, pottery
  • Poetry & written work


Submissions of artwork to the show may be used for publicity.


Submittals for the Art Show must be on the NATURE of our area in Walworth, WI and McHenry, IL counties.  Scroll down this page for additional guidelines. Also, see our Learn tab for information about what you might find on the refuge. Contact us if you have any questions.


Friends of Hackmatack NWR
Phone:  262-448-3558
(Please leave a message – we will return your call)

The Dole logoThe Dole is generously partnering with Friends of Hackmatack NWR to host the show. If you need to contact us regarding the show, please do not contact the Dole, but direct all inquiries to Friends of Hackmatack NWR.

Art Show Sales

The purpose of this art show is to celebrate the refuge and enjoy a display of local talent. We will not be managing the sale of any art.

Artists are welcome to supply their contact information, as well as prices on their artwork. We will have a list of artists and information available to the public. Visitors who wish to purchase art must contact the artist directly and arrange for sale and pick-up/delivery of artwork. Any percentage of proceeds to be given to Friends of Hackmatack NWR (a non-profit organization) is at the discretion of the artist.


What do we mean by “The Nature of Hackmatack?”

Artwork pieces and writings submitted should have its roots in exploration of the native plants, animals and landscapes of our northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Why? Because the footprint of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge is contained in this area and our show wishes to celebrate our indigenous spaces – plants, animals, birds, insects, habitats.

It’s not always easy to know what is native in our area so – if you have a question as to whether your art subject is “native” – you can start by googling your subject to ask “is this native to Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois?” If you are very uncertain, contact us.

Is it native to our area?

The honey bee is not native to our area (surprise!), but brought in from Europe. But many bumblebees are native to our area and extremely important to our native plants and animal’s health.

yes---native-bumblebeesYES – Bumblebees are native bees

honeybees-are-not-native NO – Honeybees are not native

Is it a wild animal?

Cows make great subjects, but they are not native. Red fox – even though they have learned to adapt themselves to our human habitats – are native to our area.

yes---native-red-foxYES – the red fox is native to our area

cows-are-not-found-on-a-refuge NO – cows are not wild animals

Does it depict our area?
Artist depictions should be of habitats and landscapes that actually exist in our area.

yes--marsh-habitatYES – We have wetland habitats here

mountains-ocean-not-illinoisNO – Mountains and oceans are not found here

But artistic interpretations are appreciated!

Abstracts and depictions of emotions that illustrate your feelings about the local natural world are welcome! And including an explanative write-up of your work will be great for our exhibit-viewers to read.


art-glass-pebblesYES – Nippersink Creek bottom in glass art

Friends of Hackmatack NWR

P.O. Box 413
Richmond, IL 60071


Call 262-448-3558 to listen for the latest updates on upcoming activities. If you need to reach us, please leave a message and we will return your call.

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