Friends of Hackmatack

Friends of Hackmatack
Our History . . .

We are a group of local citizens from northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin who achieved our dream to bring a National Wildlife Refuge to the Chicago Metro area to add to the handful of urban refuges nationwide, building on the commitment of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to develop an informed and involved citizenry that will support fish and wildlife conservation through recreation, scientific research, and environmental education in and near cities.
flourish Our Mission . . .

The mission of Friends of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge is to conserve and enhance the natural and cultural resources, rural character and scenic beauty of the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge and to connect people to these resources.

Mission & Goals page
Our Vision . . .

We envision a national wildlife refuge that recognizes, protects and restores the rare natural communities, unusual glacial landforms, high quality waters and abundant native plants and animals of the bi-state region.
The Refuge community . . .
•  Respects individual property rights by offering multiple mechanisms for land owners
    who choose to become part of the refuge system through conservation easements,
    management agreements and voluntary habitat improvement of privately owned lands.
•  Encourages and expands outdoor recreational opportunities while enhancing the
    appreciation of the natural landscape
•  Engages with local gateway communities to encourage commerce and build on their
   distinctive assets.
Creates new opportunities for businesses and builds on the economic strengths
   of our region.
•  Highlights the historic and cultural contributions of native peoples, farmers
   and today’s residents.
•  Incorporates partnerships between private land owners, local business interests,
   conservation groups, state and local units of government and the United States
   Fish and Wildlife Service in a mutually beneficial relationship.
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